Finding Replacement Parts for Your Rare Car

Older cars that are no longer in production can be hard to find parts for, especially if there were not very many produced. If you are looking for parts for your car, there may be some places to look that you might not have considered, especially if the parts are in short supply or no longer available from the manufacturer.

1. New Parts

Older cars made in limited quantities are often harder to find parts for, but you may still be able to find new parts for the vehicle if you know how to search for them. In some cases, the parts that are on your car use the same parts as some other models, so doing some research on the part numbers may result in finding pieces that will fit and are still in production.

The dealership may sell the parts but not have them listed for your older car. If you know that you have the right part numbers, you don't need to buy the parts by the model or year of the vehicle, unless the part numbers have been reassigned so check to ensure that you are purchasing the right part before you leave the dealer.

2. Used Parts and Accessories

When dealing with a rare vehicle that is no longer in production, used parts may be easier to find than new parts. Often checking with other enthusiasts of the same unique car as you can yield some results. Checking car shows, swap meets, and even online auctions is an excellent way to find some parts that you have not been able to find new parts. Be ready to pay a little more or trade something you have for the parts you need.

Sometimes a salvage yard will have some used parts and accessories for your rare car that nobody else has found yet. The parts can sometimes be tucked away in a corner, and sometimes the yard operator may not even know the parts or accessories are there. 

3. Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

When you can no longer find new parts or accessories for your car, you may want to consider looking at aftermarket or reproduction parts. Most of the reproduction parts available on the market are made to be an exact replica for the originals, but it is important to look them over well before you buy them in case there is a difference between the original part and the reproduction piece. 

If you can take the old part with you to the store where you are buying the new ones, you can match the mounting holes, wiring connections, or other parts to ensure that the new part will fit properly. For more information, contact companies that supply VW Thing accessories. 

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