Three Benefits Of Buying A Used Car Battery

If you've noticed that it's time to replace your car battery, your first instinct might be to visit a local big box store and purchase a new battery. There are plenty of reasons that this can be a good idea, but you may be reluctant to do so for various reasons. New car batteries can be pricey, which could prompt you to look for a used battery instead. Plenty of car owners rely on used car batteries. Here are some benefits of buying a used car battery for your vehicle.


A big reason that many motorists choose used car batteries over their new counterparts is price. If your money is a little tight, you'll appreciate that a used battery will cost just a fraction of what you'd spend to buy a new battery. If you have an older vehicle in which you're hesitant to invest more money than necessary, for example, a used battery can be a smart purchase. The exact price of used batteries depends on their age, condition, and where you're buying them. When you're buying a specific used battery from a seller — perhaps at a salvage yard — you can quickly search for the battery on your phone to see how much it costs new.


A used battery can still have plenty of life left, making it a good product to buy for your vehicle. Many salvage yards and other vendors obtain used batteries from vehicles that have been in collisions. The frame and body of a vehicle might be damaged beyond repair, but it may have a relatively new battery. When you shop for a used battery, you should always look for the date code. This information is stamped on the battery case and will reveal when the battery was made. Ideally, you can buy a used battery that was made relatively recently.

Environmental Consciousness

A lot of people take pride in buying used products instead of those that are new, given the environmental benefits of doing so. For example, you might frequently buy used clothing from local thrift shops because you know that doing so keeps these garments out of the landfill. A similar concept is true when you buy a used car battery. Upon making this purchase, you'll delay the need for recycling the battery. Even though there are benefits to recycling, it's a process that still requires a significant amount of resources. If you're someone who enjoys doing what he or she can for the environment, choosing a used battery will resonate with you. 

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