4 Questions to Ask About Auto Glass Repair

Does your car need an auto glass repair? Before you choose an auto glass replacement contractor, take a look at the questions to ask.

1. Will the Insurance Pay for the Repair or Replacement Costs?

You may not have to pay for a new windshield or a repair to cracked auto glass. Contact your auto insurance company and ask about what your policy pays for. It's possible you won't have to pay out of pocket—depending on the policy's allowances and your deductible.

Even though most insurers pay for this type of service, you may need to choose an authorized glass repair contractor. Verify that your would-be contractor is an acceptable option with your insurance company before you agree to a repair or a replacement to avoid paying extra unnecessary costs.

2. Does the Contractor Offer Mobile Services?

It isn't safe to drive with a cracked or damaged windshield. Even though the crack may seem small, it can quickly spread, or the glass could shatter. If this happens while you're on the road, the windshield could cause a serious accident or block your ability to safely see your surroundings.

If you shouldn't drive a car with a cracked windshield, how can you get the vehicle to the service technician? In many cases, you won't have to drive the car. A mobile auto glass repair service will come to you. This option eliminates the need to drive a potentially dangerous vehicle.

Beyond decreased risk, a mobile glass repair contractor can save you time and energy. You won't have to leave work, leave home, or sit in a repair shop for hours while you wait for a technician to fix your car.

3. What Type of Training Does the Technician Have?

Auto glass replacement and crack repair require specialized knowledge. Make sure the person who works on your car knows what they're doing before they start the windshield service. Ask about credentials, certifications, and what types of education/experience the glass repair company requires its technicians to have for employment.

4. Does the Glass Company Offer a Warranty?

Whether your windshield needs a repair or a full replacement, you need to feel comfortable with the results. A warranty guarantees the workmanship, materials, or both. Before the repair or replacement, discuss the warranty options available. Read the fine print and make sure you understand what the warranty covers and what you're responsible for.

Along with these questions, create a list of individual concerns. These may include payment, time-frame, or issues specific to the car's type/model.

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